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IELTS 스피킹 유용한 Expressions 모음

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  • 2015.03.05
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IELTS 스피킹 유용한 Expression!s 모음


1)Opening Expression!!s
As you may know, I am a worker and so I like watching movies whenever I can.
ve always wanted to
meet Tom cruise.
My hometown is the most beautiful village in all of

This story goes back to the time when I was in college.
s difficult to describe my father but he does have a number of unique characteristics.        

2) Introducing a Structure
d like to give a brief
description in three areas.
d like to tell you
three things about this issue.
d like to tell you about the three steps to finding a job in Korea
There are three main ways to get to my hometown, and I
ll talk about each separately.
There are three features of
my piano that I will discuss.

3) Opening with the First Sub-topic
Perhaps I can begin by telling you about why I like listening to that kind of music.
Let me first tell you about what you need to do to prepare.
To start with them, you will need a good chopping board.
Lets start with the vegetables you need.

4) Mini-summarizing
Ok so, I
ve just given you some information on...
Ok, so those are some of the...
So, now you know why/how/where/who/when...

So that
s the... in a nutshell.




5) Transition Statements (질문자가 하는말)
Now let
s talk about...
Now let
s turn to...
Now I
d like to talk about...
s now discuss...
s now turn to the question of. . .
Anyway that is a short description of...
Let me move on now to...

6) Giving Instructions
The first thing you need to do is switch on the power.
After that you need to set the timer.
Next you need to adjust the volume machine.
After adjusting the volume you need to check the battery.
Then you should key in the number.
Finally you should press the green button.
The last thing you need to do is wait for the call.
t forget to hang it up when you re finished.

7) Giving Reasons
The reason the divorce rate is growing is because of the changing roles of men and women.
The main purpose of a Korean wedding is to reunite the family.
The biggest advantage of the one child policy is the effect it has on curbing population.

8) Clarifying
A: Can you explain how you would go about asking everyone about it?
B: I would probably get on the phone and call everyone up.
A: Can you tell me once again how you would find enough people to do that?
B: I think I would put some advertisement out and that should get me some people.
A: You are not suggesting we always do that, are you?
B: No, but I would do it as often as I could.

9) Speculation
If it didn
t work, I guess I would just try to think of another one.
I would approach people personally to convince them.
Definitely, because we wouldn
t need to worry so much about this kind of thing.     

10) Describing Moods
I feel/felt so happy I could jump for joy. I
m/I was in a great mood.
I was scared to death.   It impressed me deeply.



11) Comparison
In many ways she resembles me, in other ways, not.
Well, it may not be as modern but it certainly is friendlier.
I think I
m much more mature and responsible.        

12) Give Advice
If you come to my hometown in the summer you should take your swim suit.
You can
t miss the ice festival held every January. It really is something.

13) Asking for More Details
A: Can you give me more detail how you would do that?
B: Yes, I would start by having a meeting and get some feedback.
A: Could you elaborate on how you would go about doing that?
B: I think the starting point would be to try and talk to people who had handled
this before.
A: Just give me a little more detail about how you might do that?

B: First, I
ll look to see whether this is a general agreement about the issue.

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