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Questions 1-6

Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.


Enter the answers for questions 1-6 in the blanks.


1.   The Anne Marie Annual Charity Bicycle Tour raises money for

        A   A homeless shelter

        B   A children’s hospital

        C   A sports club


2.   The bicycle tour takes place in

        A   England

        B   France

        C   Ireland


3.   Marcus Sherrington started the tour after losing his daughter to

        A   Cancer

        B   Heart disease

        C   Diabetes


4.   What is the minimum amount that participants must raise?

        A   £2,000

        B   £3,000

        C   £5,000


5.   The tour takes place in

        A   March

        B   May

        C   June


6.   How many hours of bicycling will participants do per day?

        A  Eight

        B  Nine

        C  Ten




Questions 7-10

What does the speaker say about the following?


Enter the correct letter A, B, or C in the blanks for questions 7-10.

A They are paid for by a bank

B They must be brought by participants

C They are provided voluntarily by families


7.   accommodations        ......................


8.   lunches                       ......................


9.   helmets                       ......................


10.   bicycles    

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