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Choose the correct letter, A, B, C or D.

Enter the answers to questions 1-2 in the blanks.


1. The speaker is giving a talk on

A    what computer brands are best.

B    how much computers cost.

C    how to choose a computer.

D    what computers are most popular.


2. The first consideration when buying a computer is

A    what programs it comes with.

B    which company made it.

C    whether it’s on sale.

D    what it will be used for.



Questions 3-5

Complete the sentences below.


Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR NUMBERS from the passage for each answer.

Enter the answer for questions 3-5 in the blanks.


3    For basic computer functions you need a ................ processor.

4    People doing a lot of photo or video editing will need .............. of memory.

5    Modern technology has made large amounts of ............. and external storage possible.




Questions 6-10

For which situations would you choose the following types of computer?


Enter the correct letters, A-C, in the blanks for questions 6-10.


6   You need a powerful computer

7   You want flexibility with your work station

  You have poor vision

9   You are a photographer

10 You have specific software needs


 A   Desktop

B   Laptop

C   Either a Laptop or Desktop





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