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Task 2 첨삭 부탁드립니다.

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  • 2017.01.06
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■ Direction You have 20 minutes to plan and write your response. You response will be judge on the basis of The quality of writing and on how well your response presents the points in the lecture and the relationship to the reading passage. Typically, an effective response will be 150 to 225 words.
■ Question Summarize the points made in the lecture you just heard, explaining how they cast doubt on the points made in the reading

▶ Topic : Due to the increasing density of living areas in a city, most residnets are suffering from physical and social dangers so that they are against it.

To what extent to you areee or disagree woth this statement.

▶ Your Answer :

In terms of living in urbanized society, most residents are attracted to the convenience of living in urban area because of good enough infrastructure and employment opportunities. But some people claim that there are also many social problems staying in city. As far as, I am concerned i totally agree with the statement above without reservation.


As a result of global industrialization, these days, most people are able to live a higher quality of life in metropolitan. Accordingly, density of population in city has been out of control. It has bring about a lot of social problems. According as the law supply and demand, the cost of living and the customer price index continually increasing. According to statistics collected by the OECD, a vast majority of major cities show rapid price rises up to 20%.



We are all acutely aware that, many people staying in big city are suffering with respiratory disease due to the air pollution caused by traffic and construction. According to recent research conducted by WTO(World health organization) around 40% of newborn babies have asthma and atopic dermatitis. As a result of this kind of statistic, people are now taking more precaution themself.


In conclusion, there are many negative point such as air pollution as well as housing price inflation. To my way of thinking, government should invest their revenue in public health services and deal with other relevant problems with appropriate countermeasures.




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